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Watching a new show! Spoilers for those who don’t watch.

So, I started watching How to Get Away with Murder and I really enjoy the show. Surely, some parts are not too realistic or wouldn’t quite work like that in real life and in court, but that’s okay. I do wish the fandom would stop focusing so much on race of the characters. I mean, can’t you just imagine all characters are green, or purple or something, and see them as human beings? I see a lot of racism accusations that appear to be racist themselves and it just gives me headache. This is like Agents of Shield fandom all over again, so if you’re gonna defend your favorite character, don’t insult the other one based on his/her race. *sighs* But enough about that.

I watched the third ep and I don’t get it why everyone thinks Michaela is biphobic. Yes, she freaked out because her fiancee might be gay (which is understandable, because still way too many people see gay as something bad), but that doesn’t mean she has a problem with bisexual people. The thing is, if Aiden were bisexual, then there wouldn’t be a problem, because he could still be into her and all, but if he were only gay, that would shatter her life because it would mean her fiancee was with her just to avoid the stigma. Seriously, how would you feel if it turned out the person you planned to spend the rest of your life with wasn’t able to love you completely? Sure, if he were bisexual, all fine. Now we don’t know if Aiden is  straight, bi, gay or whatever, but unfortunately it’s not so uncommon that gay people are in straight marriages so our stupid society wouldn’t lose their shit. Of course Michaela wouldn’t like to live her life in a lie, and since Aiden didn’t tell her anything about the boys in his life, even if he just experimented, it’s natural that she’s suspicious. It doesn’t even need to have anything with her perfectionist personality.

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the faster you type, the faster you get your reward

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Anna/Elsa + Regina/Emma parallels

FINALLY, I was waiting for someone to create this!

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"I’ll make it back to you."
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Is anyone still looking for an HQ version of the promo?

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favourite character meme: five episodes
↳ son of man
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